Hi! I’m Michele, a Showit website designer and user experience nerd.

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If I’m not 5 minutes early I consider myself late, can’t seem to quit coffee and I listen to way too many podcasts (have one to recommend?).

Even though I was working as an art historian on something I loved (Renaissance fashion), traveling all over Europe and working with amazing people (and I’m so grateful for the whole experience), I just wasn’t fulfilled. Every day I questioned what was wrong with me and wondered how I could feel so empty doing a job everyone else thought was amazing.

back in the old days

Before I became a website designer I was living abroad and co-managing a 2-million Euro research project. I thought it was my dream job. Until I realized it wasn’t.

Me in Tallinn, Estonia

And (after some meandering and experimentation), I discovered that my skills in design, research and project management were a perfect fit for web design. It’s a way I get to help incredible entrepreneurs grow their businesses while still being creative and independent.

Now I’m lucky to help amazing business owners from all over the world create websites that they feel proud to share (and that make them more money, too). 

Then I finally realized that as much as I love research, art and history, serving others is what gets me up and out of bed in the morning.

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We all deserve the freedom to be, love and work the way we want.


Progress and growth happen when we learn from the challenges we face. Plus I just love reading and taking courses!

Constantly growing

I'm committed to treating everyone with respect and kindness.


my core values are:


Policy analyst

The correct (and most boring answer):

Working for the government in Canada I realized how important service to others is to me.

art historian

The correct answer is:

I've been lucky to travel around Europe and North America studying amazing art and culture. My love for it started in art school when I was studying design.


spin instructor

The correct answer is:

Way back in 2014 I fell in love with spin (or indoor cycling) and eventually became an instructor. Great for building endurance and learning to motivate others!


burger flipper

The correct answer is:

My very first job was at Burger King when I was 14 (is that even legal these days?). A great way to learn customer service skills.


Can you guess which job I used to have?

past gigs

"This is all enormously beautiful I’ve just shown my husband as well and we are very happy with the results – thanks so much, Michele!"

— Kortney, G., London, UK

I’m in love with the website truly, so well done.

She is an excellent communicator with innovative ideas. Highly skilled, creative and talented. Over the years I have worked with many web developers, by far she is the best. Deliverables early or on time, attention to detail and touches of excellence is the reason why I plan to continue working with her."

— Paula. W., Atlanta, GA

Michele is an incredible designer.

"Working with Michele was great - she understood what I needed and kept the lines of communication open. She stayed open to feedback and was flexible with my needs. Work with her!"

— Brandy. D., East Bay Area, CA

Michele is a fantastic ally and asset!

"...like for real....1000000000xx better than I ever could have done myself, wow. Thank you.”

— Stephanie B., New York City


"Michele was absolutely wonderful. So helpful, professional and patient with my endless questions and delivered on the work promptly as well as meeting the brief exactly. Will be hiring her again."

— Je T'aime., Auckland, New Zealand.

Luckily I have found you!

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